Police Contact Numbers

Emergency Only: † † Dial 999

Not an Emergency: †Dial 101

Or report online

For general enquiries or concerns related to Chicheley and immediate area contact:

Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Arlene Ormston

07815 590756

New “Rule of Six” Regulations

On Monday (14/9), new measures will be put in place to help suppress the spread of coronavirus.

These new measures mean that people in England can only meet in groups of no more than six, indoors and outdoors.

Those that choose to congregate in larger groups will be dispersed and could be fined or even arrested.

Thames Valley Police officers will continue to work with our communities and will follow our approach to engage with, explain and encourage people to follow the new regulations.

Assistant Chief Constable Christian Bunt said: “Preventing the spread of coronavirus is a shared effort and we at Thames Valley Police will play our part.

“The new rules coming into place on Monday are very clear and we hope that all members of the public follow them.

“Our officers will be in the community engaging, explaining and encouraging people to follow the regulations. We will disperse groups of more than six people and will issue fines to those who refuse to comply.

“However, there are a range of enforcement options at our disposal, and this does not always involve fines being issued.

“Members of the public can expect to see officers out on patrol but we ask that everyone takes personal responsibility so police involvement is a last resort.”

Message Sent By

Emma Tarry (Police, Communications Officer, Thames Valley)

Rural Crime News (by the usual suspects)

There has been a report of theft of £50 000 worth of electricity cables stolen from a solar panel site in the Olney area on 03/09/2020

Theft of 2 x water troughs stolen from Ravenstone on 03/09/2020

One sheep stolen from Sherington recently.

At this time of year, now that most of the crops have been harvested, we often see an increase in hare coursing offences in the rural parts of the area. †Please be vigilant and report suspicious activity, particularly off road vehicles in fields and groups of people with lurcher type dogs on slip leads. As this is a crime in progress, you can call 999 and report the hare coursing.

Many thanks†

Message Sent By

Arlene Ormston (Police, PCSO, Milton Keynes)

Message From Neighbourhood Watch


Our new Neighbourhood Watch campaign to prevent burglaries

As lockdown eases in the UK, we’re expecting a rise in burglaries. We’ve partnered with the Home Office to create a new social media campaign to help keep people safe and continue the great work your scheme is already doing.

Our new Safety in Neighbours campaign is particularly exciting as it has a modern and eye-catching design to grab younger people’s attention and attract even more new members. Read more about the campaign below.

We need your help†

Please help us spread the word and share the campaign on your local Neighbourhood Watch’s social media pages and chat groups. You could also share the press release attached with your local news media and radio stations.†

• † †Visit our campaign page

• † †Watch our campaign video

• † †Download our campaign social media pack

• † †Share using #SafetyinNeighbours in the caption†

• † †Tag Neighbourhood Watch in the post † †

Facebook: @ourwatch † †Twitter: @N_watch † † † † †Instagram:

Police Notice about Further Easing of Covid-19 Restrictions

After over three months of social restrictions, we understand that people will want to go out and enjoy themselves when lockdown restrictions ease further on Saturday (4/7).

As these restrictions are lifted however, the public have an even greater responsibility to adhere to the government guidance around social distancing and hygiene and play their part in stopping the spread of Coronavirus. Covid-19 still presents a significant threat to public health, as highlighted by the local lockdown seen in Leicester this week, and we must all continue to respect the measures in place to protect lives.

As with any expected busy weekend, Thames Valley Police has a comprehensive plan in place with officers visible in our cities and town centres, as well as extra resources and officers available to respond to any disorder or criminality, wherever they are needed. And whilst we have no powers to enforce social distancing, restrictions around gatherings are still in place and we will break up illegal events and take action against those who organise them.

We are also working with local authorities and licensees to support their plans to manage the number of people out and about. In some areas entry to a bar or restaurant will only be possible if you pre-book a table and not all premises are opening, so if you’ve not pre-booked you may not get entry to anywhere and you may wish to consider this when making your plans. Also make sure to pre-plan your travel and how you are going to get home.

We would also ask that people are mindful of the potential impact they could have on the emergency services and urge people to drink responsibly.

We want everyone to have a great time and enjoy themselves but please stay safe and adhere to the public health measures in place to help stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Please see the latest government guidance on the further easing of restrictions.†

Message Sent By

Emma Tarry (Police, Communications Officer, Thames Valley)

Shed Break-Ins

There has been an increase in shed break-ins across Milton Keynes, but not in Chicheley. †Nevertheless, our local police have issued the following message and advice to prevent theft of valuable tools from sheds:

Opportunist thieves identify sheds as easy pickings because they are unprotected and lack basic security measures. †The buildings often contain property that can be sold on or implements that can be used to force entry into the owner’s home.

Many people fall short on basic security of their sheds. †Please make sure you:

  • Keep your shed in good condition
  • Fit a closed shackle padlock to the door
  • Fittings should be bolted through the door and any screws concealed
  • It is easy to unscrew the ironmongery, steal contents and in some cases replace the screws to make it look as if the shed has not been tampered with
  • By using tamper proof screws or coach bolts, together with a good quality pad bar or hasp and staple and close shackled padlock, the shed owner will make it harder for the would-be thief.
  • Bond any window glass in with mastic to prevent easy removal. Fit grilles or mesh to windows to slow down the thief. †Replace glass with polycarbonate panels
  • Ensure all equipment and tools are locked away when not in use
  • Install a shed alarm
  • Post-code or mark all property such as lawnmowers, bikes, and tools using ultra-violet pens, forensic marking such as Selecta DNA, Smartwater or engravers
  • Install security lighting as a deterrent, and plants such as thorny shrubs to act as a barrier at potential access points
  • If building a shed, put it where it is most visible to you and neighbours
  • Ensure ladders are locked to a secure fixture in the shed or garage so they can’t be used to reach top floor windows
  • Chain large items such as bicycles together, making it much more difficult for a thief to carry away
  • Fit a wire cage inside the shed where more expensive items can be locked away

No thief wants to hang about longer than they have to, so delay the time it will take them to get their hands on your tools or other valuable items.

Message Sent By

Arlene Ormston (Police, PCSO, Milton Keynes)

Police Message about Rights of Way

Hi All

I have had numerous complaints from farmers regarding members of the public not sticking to the public footpaths (which run across the farmers’ fields / land) whilst out walking in the countryside. †I have sent out a TVP Alert today but would be grateful if you could communicate the message below on your Facebook pages, Whats App Groups, email distribution lists etc. for those people who are not signed up for TVP Alerts. †The TVP Alert has been sent out to 13 000 people so hopefully the message gets across and sinks in. †Many thanks†


Use of footpaths and bridleways

With everyone out using our lovely countryside as part of their daily exercise please remember that the footpaths (yellow markers) are for walking and running and not for cycling. The bridleways (blue markers) can be used for cycling as well as walking & horse riding.

Please don't ride bikes on the footpaths around the fields. To find all the bridleways / footpaths around a village go to Go to My Maps, navigate over to the area where you want to walk, then click on “Public Rights of Way” from the list on the left side to turn on the rights of way layer. The bridleways will be marked in green, and footpaths in purple.

There have been recent incidents of uncontrolled dogs harassing ewes and lambs, and also of damage to crops. So please stay on the footpaths, keep your dog under close control, and enjoy our glorious countryside.

Many thanks and stay safe

PCSO C1018 Arlene Ormston

Milton Keynes Rural North Neighbourhood Team


Mob: 07815 590 756

Coronavirus-Related Fraud and Scams

2020-04-18 - Screenshot 30

Crime to Watch Out For

From: Ormston Arlene <>†

Sent: 26 January 2020 21:57

Subject: New Scam email and other crime updates



Yet another scam going around where you get an email saying “reminder for your appointment at BMI on “day, date and time”. Refer to documents for full details. You may incur a charge if you do not advise BMI that you cannot attend. To reschedule or opt-out of reminders please call 01256 377 720”

†Please do not reply or call the number or open any documents

†Please warn other members of your community especially if they use emails.

†Other Crime in this Area

†Theft of tools out of vans is on the increase; mostly happening in Newport Pagnell and Olney but has spilled over in some of my villages! Please make sure you mark your tools and if you have someone come work on your site, please ensure they have locked their vans! †The crooks are quick and clever and we need to be smarter.

Theft of plant equipment is on the increase again; mostly diggers.

Hare Coursing was reported in Clifton Reynes recently and is on the increase with other forces. †We had one report of hare coursing in Moulsoe last night and I believe other incidents have occurred but they haven’t been logged as yet. †We need you to report these so we can build a picture of when and where it is happening.

Our Olney ward community forum is on Thursday 19th March at 7,30 pm at Chicheley village hall. †This is idea is for residents to come and talk to the police and parish clerks under one umbrella and tell us what issues you have going on in your village.†



PCSO C1018 Arlene Ormston†

Milton Keynes Rural North Neighbourhood Team

Mob: 07815590756


STOP PRESS - Caravan stolen in Chicheley

This news has just been received and there are not yet any details about exactly where the theft took place. †If within the village it seems that the usual high community vigilance has not been enough. †Please help the Police with any information you may have, and please keep a look out for any suspicious activity. †

"A Swift Caldecott twin axle caravan (white in colour) with bike racks on the back was stolen from a residential property in Chicheley sometime between 07/12 - 14/12.†

Keep your ears and eyes peeled for any abandoned caravans in your area. Ring 101 and quote the crime reference 43190390199 if you think you have come across it.

Many thanks†

Arlene Ormston PCSO C1018"