Police Contact Numbers

Emergency Only:     Dial 999

Not an Emergency:  Dial 101

Or report online

For general enquiries or concerns related to Chicheley and immediate area contact:

Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Arlene Ormston

07815 590756

Oil Theft

The crime prevention website has published the following advice:

Oil tanks

With the price of heating oil hitting new highs in the last few years and with 1.5 million households in the UK relying on this fuel to heat their homes it is not surprising that the theft of oil has been on the rise, especially in rural communities.  If you have an oil tank in the garden do heed the following advice to reduce your risks

Check the tank gauges regularly to alert you to any sudden drop in oil level, which might indicate a theft. This action might also help the police in any subsequent investigation by narrowing down the times of the offence

You should use physical security devices to protect the filling point, inspection hole and vent and such devices are widely available for purchase on the internet

Consider buying an electronic tank gauge, which you can read from inside your home.  These devices send a signal to the gauge which plugs into a socket in the house.  It will not only indicate that the tank needs refilling, but will also set off an alarm should there be a sudden drop in oil level caused by a leak or theft. Some alarms will detect the presence of a person standing by the tank and alert you via an SMS message.  They'll also audibly warn the person to leave the area.

Consider enclosing your tank within a locked building, but make sure the tank and building are properly ventilated.  Seek advice from your oil company

Restricting access to the tank in the first instance is very important, so make sure your boundary walls and fences are up to the job and lock driveway access gates at night and when you are away

If the tank is in a position where it can be seen from the windows of your house or your neighbours’ houses think about installing some solar switched lights.  If there is no increased chance of criminal activity being seen, do not install new lights as these may assist the thief

If you intend to reposition the tank locate it to a place where it can be seen from the house and not from the road.

Address for further infrmation:

North East Rural Community Forum - Policing

The North East Rural Community Forums are back on, so please pencil the date in your diary and come and speak to members of your rural north neighbourhood policing team regarding any concerns you have in your villages.  Sergeant, Samantha Pearce will be there to hopefully answer any of your questions and special guest Keith Wheeler, Roads Safety Officer from MK Council will be there as well. 

Date:     Wednesday 16th March

Time:    7 pm 

Venue: The Pavilion, Lavendon.

Look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.  If you can’t attend and you have any questions, please email me and I can address them on your behalf. 

Many thanks



PCSO C1018 Arlene ORMSTON | PCSO for 11 villages east of Olney 

Thames Valley Police

North Neighbourhood Policing Team, based at Wolverton Police Station, Stratford Road, Wolverton, Milton Keynes, MK12 5LX

Telephone: 101 

Mobile: 07815 590 756      Email:


Staying Safe Online

How secure do you feel online?

We are currently gathering views and information on attitudes to cyber security and would really appreciate your help!  This survey will only take a minute to complete and will not collect or share any personal information.

Secondly, if your children or grandchildren enjoy online gaming you might want to join our webinar on Tuesday 8 February at 7pm on Gaming4Good.

Most experts agree that playing online games can have many beneficial effects to our children, developing key cognitive, motor and life skills and encouraging them to keep abreast of the latest technology. However, as with many things children do online, there can also be negatives. This Safer Internet Day, please join our free one-hour Gaming4Good webinar where you can hear from a panel of experts in family gaming, psychology, gaming risk and finance, about how to approach your child’s gaming to help them get the most out of it … and avoid the pitfalls. You can register here:

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Get Safe Online Admin (Get Safe Online, Content Director, National)

Thames Valley Police Rural Crime Taskforce

Thames Valley Police has launched its Rural Crime Taskforce to make the Thames Valley a hostile place for those who commit rural crimes. 

The Taskforce consists of a team of dedicated officers, as well as intelligence support, who will work tirelessly with our partners, drone units, and the Joint Operations Unit with Hampshire to tackle serious and organised rural crime. 

What is rural crime? 

Rural crimes are offences that relate to farms, agriculture, wildlife, the environment and heritage sites where they are targeted due to their isolation or rural location. Spanning across harm to animals and the theft of vital machinery, rural crime causes distress, misery and unnecessary hardship for farmers who rely on their land and machinery for their livelihoods. 

How does rural crime impact the Thames Valley? 

The Taskforce is successfully working to support rural communities and tackle crime. Over £400,000 worth of trailers, caravans and other equipment have been recovered by the team. They have been proactively working with the Forensic Investigation Unit to address rises in thefts of GPS systems within tractor satellite navigation systems. This means the Forensic Investigation Unit is able to attend these incidents when they have taken place, helping the rural communities recover from the impact these offences which can have severe consequences on the livelihoods of those affected. Local policing areas across the Thames Valley have also seen the benefit of the Taskforce, with the team supporting investigations into rural issues such as thefts and hare coursing. 

There is also proactive work led by the Taskforce, which has included working with the Economic Crime Unit to look into the proceeds of crime. Operations have taken place into money laundering, showing how rural crime can often link into organised crime and the key role the Taskforce will play in supporting wider police operations. 

Rural Crime Taskforce Inspector, Stuart Hutchings said: “The trust and confidence of our rural communities is extremely important to us and that is why we are grateful to the Police and Crime Commissioner for the funding which has enabled us to develop a Rural Crime Taskforce. 

“The Taskforce will make the Thames Valley a hostile place for anyone looking to commit rural crime. We now have a team of dedicated officers committed to making our rural communities safer as well as staff waiting to take your call who are trained in the complexities of rural crime and its impacts. We will not tolerate rural crime.” 

Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire NFU chair Alex Nelms said: “The commitment by Thames Valley Police to introduce and resource a Rural Crime Taskforce really is welcome news to farmers and growers across our three counties. For a long time now, we have been calling for greater resources that would enable the force to be better placed to tackle specific types of rural crime, given the challenges of working over such a broad area. This taskforce will also undoubtedly boost the amount of intelligence gathered by Thames Valley Police that it will be able to share with neighbouring forces, where criminals are operating across borders.” 

If a crime is happening or someone is in danger, call 999. If you have a hearing or speech impairment, use our textphone service 18000 or text us on 999 if you’ve pre-registered with the emergencySMS service. 

If you think a rural crime is being committed then contact us by reporting a crime online. 

We’d rather you contacted us and we investigate, than not hear from you.  

You can also report wildlife crime anonymously to Crimestoppers by calling 0800 555 111. 

Further information on rural crime and prevention advice can be found on our website.Email tracking gif

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Emily Boneham (Police, Campaigns Officer, Thames Valley)

Reporting “Criminal Intelligence” 0800 555 111

Thames Valley Police have frequently repeated that their success in fighting crime is very dependent on the efficient gathering of relevant information – ‘criminal intelligence’ – from the public. So, we all have a personal stake in helping this process.

The Neighbourhood Watch national website - – offers ideas of what to look out for under various crime headings. Even those living in peaceful, low-crime areas may occasionally overhear or see something that is suspicious or ‘doesn’t look right.’ Putting together criminal intelligence has been described as a bit like a jigsaw, and even little bits of information can help – by confirming other pieces perhaps. So, it is important that we all report things that we feel could help the police.

I am sure you know that you should immediately call 
999 if you see a crime being committed or in an emergency. And you should call 101 to report anything else to the police – or go online to do so. This, of course, involves you in providing your own contact details, and even though these will be treated in complete confidence by the police, sometimes we can be reluctant to ‘get involved’ to that extent. That is understandable, but we do not want your ‘piece of the jigsaw’ to be missed. It could be vital!

So, we are partnering with CrimeStoppers to remind everyone of ‘The 3rd Number –
0800 555 111’ that enables you to report your information totally anonymously if you prefer. Please view this link, and consider adding the number to your mobile phone speed-dial list so it is quickly ready when needed.

While contacting the police directly – especially if you could be an important witness – is what we hope most people will do most of the time, having the CrimeStoppersanonymous alternative plays a vital part in helping the police to ‘complete the criminal-intelligence jigsaw’.

Whichever way you do it – please report it!

Many thanks for your support!


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David Alder (NWN, Multi Scheme Administrator, Thames Valley)

Community Safety Survey

Subject: Community Safety Survey 

The annual community safety survey is now live until 3rd January 2022.

 By completing the short SaferMK Community Safety Survey for 2021/22, residents, employees and visitors are able to provide feedback on anti-social behaviour and crime concerns across all of Milton Keynes. The survey means that you can also have your say on the recommended priorities for the Community Safety Strategy for the next 3-5 years.

Can you kindly share this survey within your parishes and encourage as many people as possible to complete it.  Milton Keynes Council has also posted about this on its social media accounts, please feel free to share these posts and to forward this link on. 

Link –

 Many thanks, Emma Nash, Community Safety Officer

 Telephone: 07867 151465

Milton Keynes Council  l Civic, 1 Saxon Gate East  l  Milton Keynes  l   MK9 3EJ


Forwarded by:

Heather Baker, Partnership Officer – Parish and Town Councils

T: 01908 254597


Visit us online:


Rural Crime Update Now Available

It includes a report for Milton Keynes rural areas by PC Dan Smith:

As part of the investigation we carried out earlier this year in partnership with the RSPCA, we executed 14 warrants. This has now led to 13 people awaiting sentencing in Crown court for animal related welfare offences, in addition to 76 dogs and £16,000 being seized.

Sergeant Pearce has been working on a more dedicated role for the rural areas of Milton Keynes with a particular focus on sites in this area with links to plant theft and illegal dog breeding.

Congratulations to our PCSO Arlene!

Great to hear that “our” PCSO Arlene Ormston has been recognised with an award by Thames Valley Police.

Arlene takes great care of our community security, and this award is well deserved.  Thank you Arlene!

Reports of suspicious activity in Bedlam Walk/Lane

There have been reports by residents of suspicious activity by drivers of unrecognised vehicles in Bedlam Lane and Bedlam Walk.  A white van and a blue saloon (with Irish registration plates) have been seen driving up and down looking at houses and parked in Bedlam Walk.  

This may be perfectly innocent, but when the van driver was asked if he needed help he drove off.  The registration numbers of both vehicles were reported to the police who are following-up and have patrolled the village.

Thames Valley Police has been warning of theft of tools from sheds and vehicles, theft of catalytic converters, theft of keyless cars, and theft of caravans.  Please be vigilant.